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Welcome to the
Wombats Room

6 weeks to 1.75 years

Room open from 7am - 6pm Monday to Friday 

Whether your child is the youngest or oldest child in our room, your needs are always catered for by our very dedicated educators. Our room is located to the right of the Centre’s front door, along the rampway and right at the top.  We are the room located to the right of the main childcare building, that’s where you’ll find us all day!

All of the Wombat children like to sleep each day and the length of these sleeps depends on our age and stage.  There are some children who will require more than one sleep in the day, so please advise the educators of your child’s requirements and we will do our very best to ensure that happens.   Please respect our need for some solitude by opening/closing the gate gently and minding your voice when entering our room – thanks.  

We are very friendly and love to catch up with our parents as often as possible, so please don’t be a stranger.  We will provide some opportunities during the year for social get togethers, so please watch out for notices about these early in the year.

The Wombats room is located in the top building to the right of the front door along the rampway and right at the gate. We have our own facilities including a bathroom, storeroom, outdoor area and sleep room for younger children. 

In order for educators to create safe play spaces, we can offer an indoor/outdoor program which allows smaller groups to be using the indoor or outdoor area separately.  We can provide excellent supervision if the group using the outdoor space is smaller.  On occasion you will see all of us outside together, probably a result of the weather allowing us only small periods of time in the yard!! 

We sleep either in our playroom on the carpet area after all of the morning activities are packed away, or if we are younger then in the sleep room in a cot. The Centre provides all linen and bedding for your Wombat child, but you are welcome to provide a special blanket for the cot if you prefer.  We will not allow any toys or other comfort items in the cot with a sleeping child aside from a dummy/pacifier. 

Our bathroom contains a nappy change area as well as hand washing sinks and potty and toilet facilities for older children who are showing an interest in toilet training.   Folders for individual children and the sign in sheet are also located in the Wombats bathroom.  Each child has a named hook and basket in our bathroom. 

Wombats Room 


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