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Educators and Employment

Our educators play an integral part in the education and care of children here at ACC.
The Committee of Management works hard to provide a stimulating and positive work environment with many exciting "perks" offered to assist with retention of educators and the recruitment of future educators.


Those benefits include:

  • Discount for educators who have children attending the Centre 

  • "Wellness" program - includes massage, yoga and immunisation

  • Above award salary (currently 6% above award) for educators employed under the Children's Services Award

  • Above ratio educators to children in every room: to feel safe and secure in their learning environments, children need familiar educators to support, to comfort, to cheer and to scaffold their actions each and every day; individual educators also have the support and assistance of their room teams to strive to be the best version of themselves each and every day

  • Purpose built educators' room with kitchen facilities

  • Paid social functions (quarterly)

  • Twice yearly educators' training days

  • Excellent training and development opportunities

To find out more about the Ashwood Children's Centre educators, click here and view the teachers in each room.
Management and 
Admin Team

Relief Team

To ensure our children and families receive the best quality of care, we have worked hard over the past 10 years to develop and grow our very own built in “relief team”.  These educators are employed either full time or part time to cover planned absences including annual leave and rostered days off.  They are an important part of our staffing team to ensure consistency for our children and families when regular educators are on leave.

Aside from the permanent relief team members, we also have a casual pool of educators who work with us as needed.  They are regular faces here each week, and work with the room educators to support children and families in their learning spaces. Their role includes cover for unexpected absences such as sick leave, usually identified with little notice – the casual team springs into action!

Centre Management will often be seen across all rooms providing relief for tea breaks and short periods of time as required.  This gives our management team the opportunity to assist in the learning spaces, to form relationships with children with whom we don’t work every day, and to interact with our educators to monitor their professional development needs.

On rare occasions, usually mid Winter when our regular faces are on sick leave, we do need to use an agency educator to manage some of our leave requirements.  We choose to use McArthurs Agency, who can usually provide us with the same educators to provide some consistency for children, Centre educators and parents when the agency educator is working at ACC.

Permanent Relief Educators

Casual Relief Educators

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