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Welcome to the
3yo Kindergarten Room 
2.75 to 4 years

Room open from 7am - 6pm Monday to Friday 

We are aged from approximately 2.8 years to 4 years in this room and obviously require a lot of care & attention.  Whether your child is the youngest or oldest child in our room, your needs are always catered for by our very dedicated educators.


Our room is located to the right of the Centre’s front door, along the rampway and left at the top.  We are the room located at the end of the main childcare building – that’s where you’ll find us for the majority of the day! 


Some younger 3yo Kinder children like to sleep at the start of the year for approximately 1-2 hours in the middle of the day.  Older 3yo Kinder children like to rest and/or participate in quiet activities during this time!  So please respect our need for some solitude and mind your voice when entering our room – thanks. 

 In order for educators to create safe play spaces, we can offer an indoor/outdoor program which allows smaller groups to be using the indoor or outdoor area separately.  

We can provide excellent supervision if the group using the outdoor space is smaller.  On occasion you will see all of us outside together, probably a result of the weather allowing us only small periods of time in the yard!! 

We sleep and/or rest in our playroom on the carpet area after all of the morning activities are packed away. The Centre provides all linen and bedding for your 3yo Kinder child.  Alternative arrangements are often made for children who become tired before the sleep time period.  For example, if a child is tired at 11.00am, they can have the option to sleep first before eating lunch.  It is simply a case of having 3-4 children inside so that the sleeping child can be supervised by educators. 

We share our bathroom with the Gumnuts room.   It is located in between the two rooms and it houses lots of facilities for the children.  There are 3 toilets and 1 long sink for handwashing in our bathroom,  the children use this area for toileting, washing hands and toothbrushing after lunch.  There are also potty facilities available as well as a nappy change bench for those 3yo Kinder friends who are in toilet training mode!


Each child has a named locker in our playroom.


Children in 

Room daily


Educator to 

child ratio

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