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Ashwood Children's Centre has three committees that educators and interested community members can be involved in.

Committee of Management

Members of the Committee of Management are mainly users of the Centre. The Committee of Management is responsible for deciding the overall policies of the Centre and is responsible for making specific decisions about how the Centre will be run, finance, staffing and for directing the Centre Manager. 


On the Committee of Management we have President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and eight general members. 

The Committee of Management is elected by members of the Ashwood Children’s Centre Association at the Annual General Meeting.  Membership of the Association is available to all parents, extended family members & interested community members on completion of a membership form and payment of the prescribed fee.

The Committee meets on the first Monday of each month.  One of our committee members is also on each of the fundraising committee and Quality Improvement Groups to enhance communication between the groups.

We welcome any parents and interested community members to attend meetings or provide suggestions for improvement.

Quality Improvement Group (QiG)

Ashwood Children’s Centre has formed a committee, including educators, families and CoM liaison person, to work through the process.  This group is known as the QiG (Quality Improvement Group) and it meets at minimum every month to discuss quality areas, policy development and other ideas for continuing improvement. 


This group reports to the Committee of Management at their monthly meeting.

Fundraising Committee

Ashwood Children's Centre has developed a Fundraising Committee, made up of volunteer parents and educators.  Anyone who is interested in joining the "Funderpants Gang" (aptly named by the 2017 Kindergarten children), or if you have any suggestions, please contact us.

Our primary aim is to create and foster a community social atmosphere amongst the centre with activities such as bike riding, shopping tour, trivia night, international night, Mother's Day dinner and lots more.

Funds gained are put back into the Centre to benefit children in all rooms. 
Items purchased recently include Digital cameras in each of the rooms, books to be repaired and new books purchased each year for the ACC Library, interactive items to be purchased in the new Gumnuts/Possums yard upgrade for the children to utilise.

Please check the Events Calendar for upcoming events...

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