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It is a condition of usage that all children will be correctly enrolled at the Centre before they can commence in their position. 

The Ashwood Childrens Centre enrolment procedure is as follows: 

Verbal Offer made to Wait List family

The Centre Manager verbally offers a position to a 'wait list' family.

Enrolment package sent

If accepted, the Centre Manager prepares an enrolment package which contains: 

Cover letter detailing position, starting date, introduction to educators and other enrolment requirements, including 

Policy documents

Medical Management plans for completion as required

Enrolment form 

Orientation booklet for the child’s room 

Information about Child Care Subsidy, MyGov and Centrelink requirements

Other associated brochures 

Family returns completed enrolment package & pays fee

The family is required to return the completed enrolment form along with a copy of the child’s immunization record to the Centre at least one week prior to the child commencing. 


The family is also required to pay the enrolment fee and other associated childcare/kindergarten fees at this point. 

The Centre Manager then passes on the relevant information to the Room Leader who will make note of all allergies and other information pertaining to the child and/or family. 

2 week orientation opportunities

The family is then offered opportunities for orientation for their child in the form of “short plays” which are organized over a period of 2 weeks with the parent remaining with their child. 

Educators will take initial observations on the child to aid in the settling process.

Where possible, orientation is based on the needs of the child and family. Our educators are supportive of families who may not be able to spend time with their child in the orientation process.

Child commences care

The parent/s is able to leave their child in our care alone once the enrolment procedures is complete and when the parent feels comfortable.

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