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Children's Programs

Ashwood Children’s Centre is committed to providing educational and care programs through which all children have opportunities for learning through play, and are supported to make decisions, problem solve and build relationships with others, both adults and children. 

Underpinned by the learning outcomes, and practice principles, of the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF), children’s interests and needs are melded with intentional and integrated teaching to broaden children’s learning and understanding of the world around them.  Children’s socio-cultural influences – their family, their community, and other groups and/or organisations they participate within – are also important factors in determining the development of the children’s programs.

Here in each of the children’s programs, educators will use a range of strategies for getting to know you and your child – from the information you provide on the background information forms, to observing, documenting and analysing your child’s involvement in activities and experiences, to reading and delighting in yours and your child’s adventures, as documented in their chat book – and will continue to build on and use that information in the development of the respective room programs. 

Centre-wide programs are also incorporated into the children’s programs, which generally focus on health and safety benefits for young children and their families, and include:

  • ‘Smiles 4 Miles’ - dental health

  • Starting out Safely – road safety education

  • Achievement Program - health promotion

  • Be You - mental health and wellbeing

Such programs will focus on a range
of learning areas, including:

  • literacy

  • numeracy

  • active play

  • creative arts and dramatic expression

  • imaginative and role-play activities

  • science, sustainability and environmental education

  • social and emotional development

A copy of the fortnightly program is available from the Room Leaders / Early Childhood Teachers via email, along with being displayed inside each room, and on the noticeboard in the ramp way linking the Mavron Street and Yooralla Street buildings, at the midpoint of the ramp way.  Your child’s observations and documentation are also readily available via email, or can be accessed in your child’s portfolio – the portfolios are available to view in your child’s room.

Parent / Teacher Interviews

To keep track of your child’s progress throughout the year, Parent/Teacher interviews are held at the end of terms 1, 2 and 3 – these evenings are VERY POPULAR. 


You will be invited to attend an ‘out-of-hours’ interview to discuss your child’s progress, their learning and development, and/or your expectations for their experience at ACC.  We strongly recommend that you access the interview booking link sent via email in a timely fashion to secure an interview time with the educators to discuss your child’s progress.  

Access to Educators

Aside from the Parent/Teacher interviews throughout the year, each Room Leader / Early Childhood Teacher is also available during their allocated non-contact time to answer questions, to meet to discuss concerns or research information about particular matters occurring within the room environment.  

It is best to contact the Room Leader or Early Childhood Teacher you want to speak with so that a time can be made during their respective non-contact time

Please feel free to use the relevant email address below to contact your child's Room Leader or Early Childhood Teacher. 


It is important to note that electronic communication methods are not available in any of the children's rooms; however, emails are checked on a regular basis throughout the week.

For the remainder of the co-worker educators, non-contact time is scheduled throughout the week, with the planning overseen by the Room Leaders and/or Early Childhood Teachers. 

Questions or concerns can always be raised electronically, via each room’s email address.

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