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Regular Incursions in ACC's children's rooms

Generally speaking, Term 1 is 'incursion-free', used as a time for children and educators to settle into their respective indoor and outdoor environments.  From the beginning of Term 2, the following "regular" incursions are offered:

Mini Maestros is offered once a week in each of the children's rooms, during terms two, three and four.  Each term the day is alternated allowing for a greater number of children's participation in the music program throughout the year.

In term 3, Mini Maestros will visit ACC children on Wednesdays

Jitterbugs is offered once a week in terms two and three for the Centre's toddlers and babies, providing music and movement activities for all to enjoy.  Each term will see a different group of children participate in the activities. 

Little Sprouts is an amazing environmental and sustainability program that regular visits the 3yo and 4yo Kindergarten groups.  In 2023, Carolyn is engaging in regular incursions to support and encourage all the children and educators in their understanding of seasonal changes, sustainability and environmental education.

Coach Kris (and his counterparts) spend one day a week with the 3yo and 4yo Kindergarten children, engaging in sports, games and other activities of the running, jumping and hopping variety 

Charlie Sillypants is an enduring favourite visitor to Ashwood Children's Centre, and in 2023, his visits have extended to our 4yo Kindergarten Mother's Day and Father's Day Extravaganzas!  Have a Nappy Day!!

What could be more important than instilling a sense of confidence in your child to claim their body as their own?  Body Safety Australia visits ACC each year, offering sessions for parents, and for the 4yo Kinder children to work through understanding emotions, their body's "warning signs", protective strategies, and identify safe people in their lives.

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