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Long Day Care at Ashwood Children's Centre

Long day positions are offered in each of the children's rooms at Ashwood Children's Centre.  Such positions attract child care subsidy as a fee reduction against the daily fee, and are offered as ongoing bookings for 50 weeks of the calendar year.  Families have a choice of days (subject to vacancies available in the particular room), and can used their booked day/s as they choose between the Centre's hours of operation of 7:00am and 6:00pm.

In the Centre's 3yo and 4yo Kindergarten rooms, long day positions are commonly know as long day Kinder positions.  In the 'language' of the Department of Education, Ashwood Children's Centre operates "... an integrated Kindergarten program", meaning that the funded kindergarten program in both the 3yo and 4yo rooms is in action from 8:30am to 4:00pm each day during school terms.  Outside the designated 7.5 hours of the respective kindergarten programs, children attending in long day Kinder positions are still enjoying learning and development opportunities, giving families the reassurance that whilst they are working or studying, their child is safe and secure in their long day Kinder position at ACC.

Further information about long day positions, including long day Kinder positions, can be found via the buttons below:

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