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Welcome to
Ashwood Children's Centre

Ashwood Children's Centre is a community based, not-for-profit early childhood education and care service, offering long day care and funded 3yo and 4yo Kindergarten programs, for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years.

We challenge ourselves to strive towards the highest standard of practices in early childhood education and care  and our educator team works hard to create a safe, nurturing environment where children feel a sense of belonging, and can feel confident to explore, learn and grow. 

A sense of belonging and secure, nurturing interactions and relationships are fundamental in encouraging children's learning and development.  ACC's educator team develop and implement play-based programs derived from observing and documenting the individual interests, needs and learning abilities of all children attending the Centre. These programs subsequently provide all children with the capacity to develop their physical, social, emotional, language and intellectual skills. 

From the moment families discover ACC through their first visit to Centre, to the excited farewells as 4yo Kindergarten children transition to primary school, we are extremely honoured to travel the path of early childhood with you and your family.  

You've virtually visited ACC, now here are some more points of interest
Above Standard 
Educator to Children Ratios

Ashwood Children's Centre has educator to children ratios well above the minimum standards in all our age based rooms.

Quality Play-Based

We offer children an excellent transition to school with our quality 3yo and 4yo Kinder Programs.  Sessional enrolments are accessed through the Monash Council Enrolment Program.

Award Winning
Nutritious Food

Annually involved in the Monash Golden Plate awards, which has brought us 5 star ratings and excellent results in internal
& external audits.

Monash City Council owns our land and buildings, provides regular maintenance and support and manages the Kindergarten Central Enrolment Scheme for sessional Kinder positions.

Monash Council

Our early childhood teachers and early childhood educators are passionate about providing education and care to all children attending ACC.


Our families are extremely involved in our centre as we are run by a volunteer committee of parents and we actively encourange family participation in the centre activities.


Ashwood Children's Centre Inc. acknowledges the support of the City of Monash in the service's delivery of  early childhood education and care in our community, through the provision of the land and buildings in which ACC operates.

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Max 10 Children in room daily.

1:3 ratio educators to children

6 WKS- 1.75YRS
Wombats Room
Gumnuts Room

Max 12 Children in room daily.

1:3 ratio, educators to children

1.75 - 2.75YRS
2.75 - 4YRS
3yo Kindergarten 

Max 18 Children in room daily.

1:6 ratio, educators to children


Max 30 Children in room daily.

1:8 ratio, educators to children

4-5 YRS
4yo Kindergarten

Four Age Based Programs

Ashwood Children's Centre has four seperate age based rooms to provide children with high quality care and education that is appropriate for their age.

Visit Ashwood
Children's Centre

The Ashwood Children's Centre team are available for our families. We value face-to face communication and always have friendly and familiar faces to welcome you and your child to our facility every day.  To book a tour, please contact us.

Ashwood Children's Centre

8 Yooralla Street

Ashwood VIC 3147

Phone: 98079417

Opening Hours:

7:00am - 6:00pm

Monday to Friday

Closed public holidays

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